Timberland “Dookie Rope” Pack

Timberland “Dookie Rope” Pack - Yellow Gold & Brown

I am not sure if I should be mad at Timberland for making these shoes or the people who will actually wear them. The classic Timberland boot has been given an interesting transformation in regards to the laces in this upcoming pack. The “Dookie Rope” pack features the chain necklaces as laces. Dookie Rope chains became popular during Run DMC era. To put it on a shoe is a very original idea. The pack consists of the Timberland Field Boot and the 6 Inch Premium. There is no date out as of now but if you are interested leave a comment and we will keep you updated.

Timberland “Dookie Rope” Pack - Black & Yellow

Timberland “Dookie Rope” Pack

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  1. Brianna Says:

    I dont know how late I am, but I recently came across a picture of these and I’ve been searching as to where I could purchase these… pleaseeee inform me if anyone knows. Thanks.

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