Ryka Reform Athletic Shoe

If you want to walk your way to better fitness, then you should get the Ryka Reform Athletic Shoe. Added to its lightweight leather and nylon construction and uppers, it has very secure and inset lacing with a sporty kick that has special design. It is made to strengthen and tone up your leg muscles. It has rounded outer sole that capitalizes on your walking momentum which helps you to propel forward with your every step.

With this Ryka Reform, the shoe and your foot look well together so as to trigger the muscles in your legs. It strengthens also the favored and weak areas of your feet and core parts. It has smooth leather uppers with some upper lacing gore fit feature. It has breathable lining and a mesh tongue with a high density EVA midsole that is responsible for the lightweight cushion. It really helps the wearer have an enhanced walking experience.

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Ryka Diverge

What you see here is the Ryka Diverge. This is a very sporty shoe that is inspired by the genuine track and field runner that is made specifically for women on the go. It is also ideal for a very mild workout or for the ones that are on the way to the gym.

It is made of synthetic, nylon and air mesh and it has a lightweight molded EVA midsole. It renders a low profile cushioning and a full rubberized outer sole with some spiked lugs and a well balanced traction. It comes in colors of steel grey, white, green basil and orange. When you look at its outer sole, you would find its molded tracks as if copying the look of your feet. This is so affordable at a price of $60.

If you are into running, this can be one perfect choice made especially for women. So what do you think about it?

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Ryka Transition

Ryka shoes have revamped their official site and along with this they are proud to announce of the arrival of their brand new Ryka Transition. It may have a low profile look but it really brings out the best performance in your especially if you are headed for your aerobics, dance rehearsal or studio fitness. This would make you feel as if your trainer is your shoes. It has all the combined features of cushioning, breathability and lateral stability. It really is perfect to be worn for cross training too.

One of its highlighted features includes the IHG or the Infused Heel Guidance. This is designed to render additional lateral stability support for your foot. It secures your heel and guides your feet to proper strike alignment. It also has a diamond shaped rubber that renders a minimum amount of grip that is perfect for dance activities. It also has an ortholite insole that also fights odor.

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