Gucci Presents High top Belt Sneaker for Spring and Summer of 2010

Made available in colorways of black and white, these new high top belt sneakers of the world renowned Gucci is truly a solid delight to wear and see. Its uppers are made out of very soft types of leather combined with nylon. To complete the tough look, it has a number of metal studs in the middle of the straps on the upper portion too.

This newest design from Gucci would surely make any wearer feel manly enough as if you are a soldier of the advanced military scenario in a decade or two from our present day and time.

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Gucci & Mark Ronson Collaborates


Fashion icon Gucci has produced another stunning sneaker lineup in collaboration with music DJ and producer Mark Ronson. The 18-set collection is set to be released and sold in Gucci Icon Temporary Flash Sneaker stores that will have a debut opening  on October 23 at Crosby Street in New York and will be featured in at least seven more locations around the world that includes Miami, Tokyo and London. This Limited Edition sneakers feature a Gucci silver or gold metal dog tag. A leather tag on the laces is also included where customers can have their initials engraved by request.

The success of this collection is inevitable. Combining the professional touch of Gucci and Ronson’s wealth of experience from the customer’s point of view, this project has no room for failure.

These Gucci Ronson sneakers retail between $500-$600, while Gucci Icon-Temporary sneakers are sold between $500-$1,400 only in exclusive Gucci Icon Temporary Flash Sneaker stores.

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