Liberty x Fred Perry 2010 Blank Canvas

I get envious of my friends in Japan every Spring season because they can enjoy the wonderful scenery presented by cherry blossoms at the start of the season. It is a captivating event that even people from all over the world would like to see. Well, the same effect can be seen with the April flowers after spring showers in other countries. So what does it has to do with our featured collaboration for today? The team-up of Liberty and Fred Perry to give way for the Blank Canvas Collection is just as fresh as the oriental paisleys and flowers from London. If you have seen the House of Liberty’s iconic “Mark” and “Edenham” prints as it was all over the internet previously, then don’t be surprised to see matching sneakers. The fitted polo shirts and short-sleeved button downs prints will have sneakers with the look-a-like trims and foot beds. I am talking about two sleek low-top canvases that will hit selected retailers this month. Another feature of these lace-up sneakers is the asymmetrical toe cap.

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Fred Perry feat. Offspring Centenary Collections


Continuing the centennial celebration of British tennis player’s birth Fred Perry, the FP brand has collaborated with Offspring, UK’s leading retailer to release two more sets of sneakers for a special commemorative collection. The newest collection is a tribute to Fred Perry’s legacy as one of Britain’s greatest tennis player. In the lineup is the FP Kingston and Tipped Cuff both sporting the FP laurel wreath logo embroidered in gold and the numbers “100″ for the centennial under it.

This special collection will be exclusively available in Offspring stores in the United Kingdom this October in limited numbers.

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