Air Jordan 10 X

Air Jordan 10 X - White, Black, Steel

Air Jordan 10 X Charlotte Hornets - White, Black, Dark Powder Blue

Air Jordan 10 X Shadows - Black, Dark Shadow, True Red

Air Jordan 10 X New York Knicks - White, Black, Royal Blue, Orange Flame

Air Jordan 10 X Orlando Magic - White, Black, Royal Blue, Metallic Silver

Air Jordan 10 X Seattle Supersonics - White, Black, Kelly, Yellow Gold

Air Jordan 10 X Sacramento Kings - Black, Dark Concord, Metallic Silver

Air Jordan 10 X Chicago Bulls - White, Black, True Red

Despite of Michael Jordan’s absence from the NBA, Tinker Hatfield did not stop from creating Jordan masterpieces and it was in 1994-1995 that the Air Jordan 10 was first released. 1995 was also the same year when Mike returned on the NBA after getting tired of playing baseball during his first retirement.

Besides from having a different shape than the previous Jordans, the Air Jordan Ten also featured the awards and honors of MJ each year spent in the NBA. The list of achievements written on the sole are as follows:

1985 Rookie of the Year
1986 63 Points
1987 Scoring Title
1988 Dunk Champ
1989 All Defense
1990 Scores 63 Points
1991 MVP/Championship
1992 MVP/Championship
1993 MVP/Championship
1994 Beyond

The Jordan 10s also known as the “comeback sneaker” as a result of The Jordan 10s also known as the “comeback sneaker” as a result of Michael Jordan’s return, was the very first model that he did not approve of. But eventually he did wear the Air Jordan X to the NBA along with his new number 45 on the side.

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