Air Jordan 1 I

Air Jordan 1 I - Black, Red

Air Jordan Jordan 1 I - White, Black, Red

Air Jordan 1 I - Black, Soft Grey

Air Jordan 1 I - White, Dark Powder Blue

Air Jordan 1 I - White, Natural Grey

Air Jordan 1 I - Black, Royal Blue

Air Jordan 1 I - White, Metallic Green

Air Jordan 1 I - White, Metallic Purple

Air Jordan 1 I - White, Metallic Red

Air Jordan 1 I Inline - Black, Metallic Silver, Varsity Red

Air Jordan 1 I Low East Side - White, Varsity Red, Varsity Royal

Air Jordan 1 I Low South Side - White, Stealth, Varsity Red

Air Jordan 1 I Low North Side - White, Deep Forest, Light Graphite

Air Jordan 1 I Low West Side - White, Varsity Maize, University Blue

Air Jordan 1 I Alpha - University Blue, White, Black

Air Jordan 1 I Retro - Neutral Grey, Silver, White

Air Jordan 1 I Retro - White, Silver, Midnight Navy

Prior to his days of literally changing the NBA in more ways than one, Michael Jordan possessed an ability that it seems the world has never seen in a profession basketball player. Jordan excelled at playing basketball at North Carolina when given the chance to shine and additionally was a real help to lead USA win a gold medal in the 1984 Olympic Games. Sporting his signature Air Jordan 1 kicks, Michael Jordan was flying in his rookie year… literally. 1985 was certainly an incredible year because not only did the great Michael Jordan get to play in the All Star Game and became rookie of the year, but on top of it all, it was the same year when the greatest legacy in the sneaker world was born and first released.

Til this day, there are likely millions of people around the world who would argue to death that is and never will be another player in the NBA that can come close to what MJ has done as an individual and business man. In the eyes of… we feel that sir Air Jordan himself has done something to the fashion world that no other athletic will ever be able to come close to; that is non-debatable as far as we are concerned. When it comes to his skills we do have a player in mind that his pretty much reached and/or come the closest to what MJ did on the court in his NBA days. But this is a page dedicated to MJ, and we are going to leave it that way by not mentioning the player we have in mind. We do want to make it clear that the NBA player we are talking about was born BETWEEN 1977-1979… enough about that/him. One thing that is non-debatable no matter who you are is that Nike made the best decision in sneaker history by giving that young man his own shoe line back in the mid 1980s.

Despite the fact that Michael Jordan’s very first impression of the sneakers was it could essentially make him look ridiculous, the shoe slowly and gradually grew on him and the rest of the world. The shoes stood out as extremely different than all the other basketball footwear at that time. Not only did the Air Jordan I have a big Nike swoosh logo to the side of the shoe, but the shoe was also released in colors that many, most importantly the NBA, both did not like and approve of. Michael Jordan stepped onto the court showing off the Black and Red Air Jordan 1 which ended up being banned from the NBA for not matching the on court dress code. He was even asked to shell out a fine every time he went out on the court sporting them. The Jordan 1s were in fact drawing a lot more media attention than anticipated. Whether or not Nike did this on purpose, it was exactly what this new sneaker and NBA rookie needed to get the product off the ground… no literally.

Nike released a good number of colors of the Jordan I’s having a total of 23 – something that totally changed the sneaker business. Several had been limited and exclusive to specific places, but regardless of what part of the planet you were in, there was a massive demand for the original Air Jordans.

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