About Us

Bayareakicks.com was started back in 2003 when a young man noticed that most of the websites online selling athletic sneakers were not only overcharging people, but the customer service they offered was terrible. He was determined to change the online sneaker business by not only offering great prices, but even better customer service. With much time, effort, and struggle… he accomplished his goal.Bayareakicks.com became one of the most well known internet based sneaker stores during its time; it was a success. Due to time and unforeseen occurrences, he was forced to stop selling sneakers online after the passing of time. For about 9 months after the website stopped selling, Bayareakicks.com was just a stale website that had pictures of shoes for people to look at and review.

In the meantime he noticed that there was an increasing audience of individuals who not only wanted to buy sneakers, but simply be informed about them. This was obvious by the amount of internet users who were searching for sneakers online, as well as the amount of informative sneaker blogs that were coming to the scene. At that point he realized what he needed to do with Bayareakicks.com.

This website is still in the growing stages with under 10,000 daily viewers, but the goal is to reach above and beyond 30,000. Your continued support and suggestions, along with our hard work, will help us reach that goal. As a team we would like to thank you for your support of Bayareakicks.com, whether you are a new comer or have been around since the beginning. Be assured that we are as determined as we were back in 2003.

- Bayareakicks.com Staff

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